National Millennial and GenZ Community advocates Mary Ho and IW Group Founder Bill Imada at Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s BUTTER Restaurant in NYC

The National Millennial and Gen Z NMGZ Community is a think tank and volunteer organization composed of over 800 members and alumni globally; representing the rural, urban and remote regions. engaging the voices of younger generations via roundtable discussions, video conferences and dialogues with key business, government and thought leaders across America. Young generations spanning the U.S. represent more than 50 percent of our country’s population; and believe in creating a platform where dialogue is fueled by broadening awareness and understanding, advancing civility, and focusing on solutions.

In 2016, Bill Imada, founder of IW Group developed and established partnerships with seven universities for collaboration, innovation and thought-provoking resolution platforms. Now NMGZ represents over forty-four colleges and universitiesin over forty states, Washington, D.C., and Guam; conducting critical dialogues with over 360 executives from 130 corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. Cities visited included Atlanta to Seattle and Los Angeles to Vienna, Austria.

NMGZ Community includes college and university students, young professionals, faculty, administrators, and civic leaders engaged in multi-generational conversations focused upon the long-term future; developing and maintaining a secure and stable environment for promoting the free exchange of ideas; building awareness and understanding.

NMGZ Community recently visited NYC and congregated at the fabulous award-winning Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s BUTTER Restaurant hosted by Bill Imada. Guests included NMGZ Community members and Mary Ho, recent returnee and China expat. A great honor enjoyed by all.

National Millennial and GenZ NMGZ Community delegates Gabriel Anderson, Alexmary Fayiga, Akshay Malik
National Millennial and GenZ NMGZ Community representatives pose at Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s BUTTER Restaurant in NYC